Monday, 30 May 2011


Kirti Kirpal is a director of the 5th generation of Punjabi Drama . Consistently directing plays since 1990. Directed more than 35 plays with more than 250 shows of the same all over India . Recipient of many prestigious awards for direction and production .


I entered the world of stage as an actor in about 1985 through the play 'Hello Main Jungle Ton Bol Riha Haan...' written and directed by Prof. Pali Bhupinder Singh under the inspiration of my elder brother Hari Harpal Singh. It was a satirical play that created in me an intensive desire and taste for the stage. Because of the problems of livelihood the Natyam remained almost suspended from 1991 to 1997 due to Prof. Pali's migration to Moga. However, I resumed theatre activities and presented Prof. Pali's play 'Us Nu Kahin' in Baba Farid National Drama Festival in 1998. The play topped the overall competition of 25 contestants especially in direction and acting. In 1999 the presentation of 'Rabba Rabba Meenh Warsa' written by prince K.J. Singh earned name and fame with honors for me. Thereafter I was almost wedded to theatre and I presented about 150 performances of this play. In 2000, my directions on behalf of Govt. Barjindra College begged gold medal at Pbi University Patiala and I frequently plucked the highest medals in the PSEB board competitions. My presentation of 'Main Bhagat Singh' in the Gadri Baba Mela earned me a wide recognition in the field of stage productions.